Mythic Party Day 4: Afternoon 1

Day 4 of the Mythic Party: Reaching Maturity

Day 4 of the Mythic Party IV: La Mente:
Reaching Maturity

On the fourth day of the Mythic Party, the outside of La Mente is getting final detailing, while on the inside the walls of the sound studio are gaining soul with rock n roll, pop, disco and reggae vibes!

As the end of this event is approaching, one can only just sit and back and be in awe of what we are all accomplishing. The beauty of humanity is shining through in all its majestic colours, and just like magic, every little piece fits in.

Scenes that looked out of place initially, have changed to fit in or their environment has, colours that looked overpowering or bland before are now blending in and shining through, and everyone is in high energy, feeling proud of what we have already achieved together and excited for the next day, which will be an awesome race to the finish line! Yes, we can, and we will!