Art in TierraMitica

Not only do we believe strongly in the healing powers of art, but art also permeates through everything that we do. Murals are painted on walls all over TierraMitica, there is an art labyrinth decorated with dozens of art installations from our volunteers, sculptures positioned all over TierraMitica’s gardens and grounds, themed paintings on the bedroom walls of Casablanca and even entire buildings dedicated to the creation of art: our art studio (Chocopelli – inaugurated in the 2015 Mythic Party) and ‘La Astronave’, the art gallery devoted to the Myth of the Goddess Ayahuasca, with 19 murals painted by world class visionary artists from all over the world during the 2016 Mythic Party.

For the January 2017 Mythic Party, we created ‘La Mama’, a giant sculpture of a pregnant goddess, big enough to have space for two adults to lie inside the belly and relive the womb experience, the first ever truly collective art, envisioned and executed by all the participants together, in agreement on every detail!

Art is everywhere in TierraMitica, and more is created every day, our latest project being an Alice in Wonderland garden right outside Casablanca. Take a look at our album underneath to get a feel of the magical Art Paradise that is TierraMitica!