Accommodation & Facilities

TierraMitica is growing every year, we are creating the best place we can imagine, for us and for our visitors to enjoy. All of our rooms are fitted with warm beds with comfy mattresses and soft blankets, our bathrooms have flushing toilets and hot showers plus fresh drinking water we collect and filter from a spring on our land from every tap. For us and for so many visitors that have spent time here, this is paradise.


Our main accommodation house which can house up to 26 people in beautiful rooms with views to the forest.


Our main hall, Casablanca also offers accommodation in Lotus, a double room with bath that can sleep up to four, the Villa, a two room
apartment with a cozy double room as well as a living room with a kitchenette and an extra bed, Obama, a double room with
adjoining bath and the little room aptly named Pequeño with a bunk bed for one and adjoining bath, as well as a dining room, cinema and main kitchens.

Chocopelli Art Studio

Chocopelli is the creative centre of TierraMitica. We believe in the healing powers of art and people are welcome to use it as a tool for personal growth during our retreats. We encourage participants to harness their creative powers and connect with the divine creator energy, or you can simply relax in the hammocks just outside and enjoy the serenity of the jungle view.

Babushka Ceremonial Floor

Babushka is one of the most magical places in TierraMitica, situated in the middle of prime jungle forest, it is where we hold our Ayahuasca Ceremonies under the moon and stars. Since we are situated in the high jungle, TierraMitica is free of mosquitos, so participants can focus on getting the very most out of their ceremonies, guided by the most experienced guides and our Shipibo Maestro and Maestras.

La Astronave

During the Mythic Party II, the second edition of our yearly free art and music festival, 19 visionary artists from all over the world came to TierraMitica to paint the walls of the purpose-built gallery called, La Astronave. Now it is the most exuberantly decorated building in TierraMitica (so far!), to visit, feel inspired, feel the Myth of  the Goddess Ayahuasca come to life.

El Ojo (The Eye)

A place of beauty and magic in TierraMitica, El Ojo, our natural swimming pool and waterfall is an amazing place to meditate, do yoga, enjoy the beautiful blue morpho butterflies flying around and to cool off in the jungle.

La Mama

For the Mythic Party III, we created ‘La Mama’, a giant statue, in honor of every mother. The result is the world’s first ever truly collective Art, designed and brought to life by 30 people. It is the first, because it is not many people helping manifest the design and vision of one, neither is it ephemeral, temporary street art or a mix of individual graffiti, but a fusion of individual inspirations and styles all combined into a permanent statue, a canvas for all, and every single participant can equally take full credit not only for their own work but also everyone else’s.