The TierraMiticans

Mikis Hasson was born in Greece. After spending a life of trying to gain acceptance through business, creating a family and various achievements, his cozy life was demolished in 2002 through serious life threatening illness, divorce and financial collapse. After a period of deep, suicidal clinical depression he decided to live and dedicate some time to his growth, disengaged himself from his workaholic business interests and started a sabbatical to explore the world, both inside and outside.

To the surprise of his cynical, analytical mind he suspiciously encountered Shamanism through Dr. Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds’ Light Body School, a program of workshops designed to teach and familiarize westerners to the wisdom and practices of indigenous Earth traditions and Shamanism in a palatable and understandable way. His sabbatical extended from one year to practically permanent and after completing the Light Body School started traveling extensively through the Americas delving ever deeper into the study of ancient and contemporary spiritual practices. He studied with many wise men, shamans and sages, learning tools such as Soul Retrieval, Shamanic ceremony and healing, Yin and Yang, guided voyages and learned about medicine plants, seeking knowledge and light. In the process he lived amazing, magnificent adventures and healed childhood wounds and family relationships, becoming a very very happy man.

He was one of the initial dreamers of the Mythic Voyage and the founder of TierraMítica as well as the main guide and leader of the Mythic Voyage. Through his search for knowledge and understanding of the human psyche and the magic of the universe, as well as his extensive experience, he has developed clear, practical ways to assist people in navigating the Ayahuasca experience so that specific barriers are broken down, specific questions or dilemmas are resolved. His work on human nature proves conclusively that our divinity is actually in our humanity, and that every single thought and emotion we have is the result of an intricate web of universal and personal truths, a belief system designed for safety and protection from emotional or physical hardship rather than happiness, greatness and adventure. Furthermore, he found overwhelming proof that any disagreable or painful emotion or thought is the result of a paradox: believing two or more contradictory things at the same time. This work has led him to find, weaken and demolish the walls of fear and suffering that keep us from being happy and in consequence is practicing and teaching others the art and practices for happiness, enthusiasm and inspiration. He is now also sharing his happiness with his wife, Lies, together practicing enlightened sexuality and relationship as well as the continuing opening of the heart : The Art of Being One With, The Art of Love.

He provides clear and precise sets of practices, for those who want them, that mathematically lead participants into creating through their personal art a new belief system that serves their happiness, pride and open heart. A belief system encompassing the serenity, the peace and the trust in that everything, absolutely everything around us and everything that we are, is exactly, deliciously as it should be. And he repeatedly proves it in every single Mythic Voyage beyond any doubt to anyone who completes it. The practices he teaches are not of the kind that say ´do that for 40 years and you might get something at the end or in another life¨ but real, practical paths to things like enlightenment, understanding the soul and our role in the universe woven seamlessly into beautiful, creative lives.

Sara Villeneuve, French, 35, is one of the founders of TierraMítica. She is also the master guide for the Embrace the Medicine 6 and 11 day retreats, guide to countless Mythic Voyages and an accomplished ceremony leader. She also holds the rare honor of being one of the few westerners to be ever fully accepted by the Shipibo as a Maestra in her own right, and invited to sing the Icaros, the ceremonial chants. Her background as a singer, an actress and a voyager of Light embellished her spiritual search with jewels such as Sufism and the dance of the spinning dervishes, shamanism and the feminine rites of the Lakota, the Dances of Universal Peace, until the magic of the unexpected brought her in 2011 to the Mythic Voyage.

Despite a long experience with Ayahuasca retreats and ceremonies, she found in the principles of consciously guiding the ceremony to consciously explore, instead of randomly encountering, a new, mind blowing experience. She decided to pursue this path and was one of the first volunteers of TierraMítica. Since then, she has found Who she truly is as a human being, as a real and proud Woman, as an Artist, as a Healer. She has assisted in more Mythic Voyages than anyone else, and her goal is to be the best leader for TierraMítica, definitely soon a leader of the Mythic Voyage, a spectacular leader for Embrace the Medicine, and a woman full of trust and love for life.
She is also researching, practicing and working towards being able to lead the Shipibo Maestras into the inspiration of artfully expressing focused western emotions into the intricacy of the ceremonial chants, and thus create a ceremonial bridge between the work of the workshops and the retreats and the magic of the Shipibo. She aims high: To find a new tool of divine connection to advance healing to a new galactic era.
Her message is “ Life is cool and there is no dream that is not doable. Oh Yeah!”

Lis Demets-Hasson is 32 years old and was born and raised in a beautiful quiet family in the quiet town of Rumbeke in Belgium. This place, although beautiful and peaceful, was too small for this small girl with big dreams. She went on to study English Literature and held various managerial and administrative and public relations jobs, but her big dreams full of excitement pushed her to start travelling the world in search of magic and clarity. From Asia to South America, she eventually found in TierraMítica what she was looking for: inspiration, true love, her art, and a life and destiny she can feel proud of. She is Mikis’ wife and companion in life (they were married both shamanically during the first Mythic Party on their common birthday and in a civil wedding early 2015).

She created this website, the first website she ever built, deciding that she could do it, since there is nothing she cannot do. She is an amazing painter, creating magical worlds and is currently creating her vision of Paradise, as Landscaping manager of TierraMitica. Her goal is to be taking more and more responsibility for her chosen home and calling and to be the best face for TierraMítica, endeavoring to express as much of the beauty, love and magic as possible with words and actions. She is a guide of ceremonies and retreats and fully trusts that one day she will be ready to lead Mythic Voyages, same as she became ready to lead a mythical life. By pure Choice.

Leanne ´Koala´ Pupeza, Australian. Having a a natural talent and a real joy in taking great care of people, she discovered hospitality in her veins. She worked in various restaurants, hotels, concerts and events adding skills and experience to the sense of the caring mother and the people lover that is within her. As such, finally she is taking advantage of her wide experience in the hospitality business to be able to practice hospitality as Art and Love.She found her spiritual path here in TierraMítica after being an Argonaut of the April 2014 Mythic Voyage and she knew that she found a home here where she could practice both her love of taking care of people with creative freedom and her spiritual path in a way that inspires her.

Nowadays, knowing that the sky is the limit Leanne wants everything and is aiming as high as it gets. She is now one of our leaders of Embrace the Medicine Ayahuasca Retreats & Leanne’s dream is to one day lead Mythic Voyages and TierraMítica to their fullest potential. She has found her dream, her destiny and celebrated a Mythic jungle wedding with her true love Dorin in March 2016. She is now the Hospitality queen, responsible for providing a magical heaven to each and every visitor and doing the same for her family, our community whilst training intensively to become a guide.

She has one thing to say: “I’m gonna spoil you rotten, and TierraMitica is gonna blow you away!”

Simon Kingsley, Australian, 34 years was leading a successful career in a multinational company in the Finance sector. Although he was quickly climbing the promotional ladder, and enjoying all the benefits in lifestyle that his career was bringing him, he felt something was missing. After the breakdown of his marriage, he came to TierraMitica for a Mythic Voyage because he had lost all enthusiasm for life, he found little fulfilment in what he was doing and had no direction, or vision for his life.


In the process of the Mythic Voyage, he chose a new identity. He has found inspiration and passion at TierraMitica, has taken responsibility for a number of areas of the business and the community and as a result is now the deputy leader. He brings all of the knowledge and experience developed in his business career to transform the way TierraMitica runs.Now he is not only a leader in TierraMitica but has also found passion as an amazing sculptor who has demonstrated talents way beyond his imagination,and in the process, creating miracles. He was also the event organiser and head of the Mythic Party II, La Astranove, an international art event attracting artists from all over the world.Although only at TierraMitica for one year, Simon is discovering every day his capabilities and pushing his ceiling ever higher to the skies. He has recently started training as a guide in the Mythic Voyage and has found there is no limit to his vision.

Metsa Jens O Thor is an amazingly creative versatile artist capable of bringing beauty of every material . After a career in the film industry as FAD and storyboard artist he is now Creative Director of TierraMitica with a vision to bring his organisation skills combined with his creativity to support promote and push forward TierraMitica’s plan to create a place where visionary art will flow from every corner of this paradise and people will be able to connect with their child soul that vibrates with the energy of the divine: Creation

Dorin Pupeza always had a thirst for knowledge and adventure. His curiosity about how things work led him to become an industrial engineer and curiosity about how life works drove him to emigrate to Canada where he worked successfully as an engineer. But becoming capable of understanding how things work did not quench his thirst in his search for the holy grail: true happiness. Embarking upon a mythic motorcycle trip from Canada to South America, found him the holy grail and a home at TierraMitica. He is now the Maintenance Manager of TierraMitica making sure everything works. He is also crazy in love and married with his love Leanne. He is training to become a guide in the retreats and workshops and is a prime example that magic exists and happiness is attainable.

Mathilde Kingsley was born in the South of France in 1983, the daughter of an accomplished international sound engineer and editor who dreamed of being a reporter. Following her father’s footsteps, she learned audiovisual arts and started a career in the TF1 news department in Paris. She travelled the world pursuing her passion to turn stories into pictures and sound but never felt that she had a story of her own to tell. Because of this she never truly applied herself and never truly felt she was doing something valuable so she remained on the superficial, a stylist rather than true creator. Same as her father she felt that regardless of how well she did true creativity was eluding her.

Since coming to TierraMitica in March 2016 she have rediscovered her passion and her love for art and is one of the most prolific sculptors in TierraMitica.
Her proudest accomplishments include sculpting the face of La Mama (our giant pregnant goddess statue) and also being heavily involved in the creation of La Mente, our giant brain-shaped recording studio. She has now discovered amazing talents in sculpting, songwriting and painting and is finally living stories that she can tell. She is the audio vision and media manager of TierraMitica and is constantly turning life into beautiful videos. Her dream now is to turn TierraMitica into a haven for all kinds of artists so that amazing stories to be told are created here by many people around the world all the time. She is in love and married to Simon and she no longer needs to look for stories anywhere else.

Jackie Wilchuck, 29, is originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the prairies of Canada. She always had a creative side to her, either drawing or painting large pop-art style canvases, but over the years the creative juices stopped flowing, and the search began. She spent 12 years in and out of the Hospitality industry, did countless backpacking excursions from the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas to the rolling rice terraces of Indonesia on the grand quest for spirituality, and ended up in Vancouver, BC. Here she built a picture perfect life, studying Integrative Energy Healing at Langara College, living downtown beside the ocean, keeping fire at sweat lodge, had a beautiful partner, great serving job, yet she still felt uninspired and that something was missing. If she wasn’t ecstatically happy now, when would she ever be? 

This is when her search led her to Tierra Miticas website. She was instantly captivated by the description of the Mythic Voyage, craved the clarity it guaranteed to deliver if completed, was extremely interested in their volunteer program, and signed up with her partner at the time Eli Ray for the intensive life transformational workshop. Since her March 2016 Mythic Voyage, Jackie has undergone some of the grandest transformations she could of ever imagined! Through the process of being a Tierra Mitican, she is finally aligning with her true self and embracing the feminine, powerful, and gorgeous woman she so naturally is. She has discovered a deep passion for working with wood, is an incredibly talented wood and cement sculptor, is finally unleashing her sexy soulful voice, and is now incorporating her personal journey through song writing and sharing her heart in the process. She has taken a keen interest in the Building and Maintenance of Tierra Mitica, is apprenticing with Adam in Carpentry, and is having great fun getting her hands dirty and being one of the most capable women she knows. She gets involved with as many workshops as possible learning how to feel more deeply each time, aspires to guide Choice Os workshops in the future, and is soaking up all the beauty of evolving and opening her heart wider each day. Jackie knows now that there is absolutely nothing she can’t do, is dreaming larger and more mythically then ever before, and is incredibly proud to call Tierra Mitica her home.

Eli Ray was born in 1988 in Canada and raised in the prairies of Edmonton, Alberta. Growing up she fully immersed herself in competitive soccer, snowboarding and exploring the great Canadian outdoors. She excelled in her studies and found immense curiosity in biology and the many wonders of the natural world feeling more at peace when amongst the flowers of the garden or the moss laden floors of the forest. Before coming to TierraMitica Eli spent the last decade in British Columbia learning the ropes as a Registered Nurse specializing in HIV/AIDs and Addiction, working on the in-hospital unit as well as a multidisciplinary outreach team and was also a RN for a clinical trial for heroin replacement therapy in the downtown east side of Vancouver. Eli enjoyed the many challenges of working with such multifaceted populations in extreme complex environments and most of all the intimate human connections she developed with many of her patients.

Although she had everything she could have ever dreamed of having living in the gorgeous city of Vancouver BC; fantastic job, beautiful partner, adventurous friends, supportive family, a loving spiritual community– she was ALWAYS searching for more! Whether it be thrill seeking on mountain tops, studying naturopathic medicine and holistic nutrition, immersing herself into yoga and meditation, fire keeping at sweat lodge – She never felt accomplished and was completely unsettled finding herself shifting from extremes of alcohol abuse to strict vegan sober “spiritual” living— grasping at but never fully able to manifest a happy life for herself. Thirsting to satisfy her endless existential angst she headed to Peru and participated in her first Mythic Voyage March 2016 with her ex partner and best friend Jaclyn Wilchuck. Slapped with a good dose of clarity, Eli felt from the core of her being that TierraMitica was special— that the work being done here was something she had never experienced before (and could never have dreamed of!) and she could for once, truly change her life. Since then, Eli proudly calls TierraMitica home and the international community here her family— her beautiful brothers and sisters of this jungle paradise. Dedicated to the work and pushing personal boundaries beyond comprehension on the daily— evolving into a free and open hearted show stoping beautiful woman, an exquisite artist finding deep passion in painting and sculpting, her power blossoming through her voice in writing music and performance, acquiring irreplaceable leadership skills through taking responsibility and important roles of the everyday functioning of TierraMitica (marketing, supply management, retreat yoga teacher, “House Mama”), being a major contributor in the large scale art projects, hosting workshops and is well on her way to becoming a guide of the Choice OS Mythic Voyage Workshop. Eli has recently fallen madly in love with a fellow Argonaut and awaits his return to the jungle to continue their Mythic Love Story together. Each day reconnecting more and more with her giddy little inner child, feeling more proud and in love with herself than ever before… for once truly living a life for her happiness.

Adam Roberson grew up in South Carolina with his mother since his parents split up at an early age. He grew up free and wild with a very inquisitive mind, always thirsty to find out how things work, even teaching his own teachers how to use computers. He was a rebellious child and at 15 he quit school and started working in construction. For almost 20 years he roamed around gathering amazing skills and experiencing all kinds of thrills. He is a genuine McGyver, being able to make anything, and fix everything – even a piece of string becomes a powerful tool in his hands. In the process he became a master carpenter, he experienced dangerous deep sea fishing in Alaska, changing many jobs and living a life of a constant search of an adrenaline rush through periods of drugs, alcohol, often delinquency with bouts of great creativity. 

He searched high and wide and learnt so many things and experienced so many thrills but none of them could fill the void he felt inside. At the age of 34, he found himself handsome, capable, popular and able to make a good living with anything he chose to do but he also found himself empty and suicidal. He then stumbled upon TierraMitica and took a Mythic Voyage and his life changed, he is now a valuable member of TierraMitica, a creative and constructive force, creating beauty with everything he touches. He is in love and married to Sara, he has added ‘sculptor’, songwriter and singer to his list of talents, he is rapidly learning the work that leads to true happiness, pride and fulfillment and he has finally found a home. He no longer needs drugs and alcohol because he no longer feels empty inside, rather he fills his heart every day with amazing, creative projects and he is envisaging a life of vibrant creativity where he can exploit his amazing talents to bring forth into the world beauty and functionality.

Aura Todea is born in Romania where she grew up under the communist regime learning to be quiet and keep her opinions to herself. She excelled in school and holds 2 university degrees: one in electronics and one in economics. After studying she went on and created what others would consider a dream life for herself: a nice home, a senior managerial job in a multinational bank, following a successful international career, resources to travel wherever she wanted, but she was still feeling that something is missing, that there is more to life than a job and a house. She was still not daring to have a voice of her own, she was still not feeling good enough, and she was trying to prove to the world and to herself that she was worthy. Looking for more, she discovered the Mythic Voyage in May 2011 and her world changed. 

She fell in love with the work, she felt called to follow a different path and yet she did not dared. Not able to stay away she came back, year after year for another workshop and another workshop seeing them evolve, seeing their power grow, dreaming that one day she will be leading one and hiding that dream deep inside. In 2016, while on a sabbatical leave she decided to stay in Tierra Mitica for a while and she never left: she became proudly the deputy leader of Tierra Mitica and discovered strengths she never knew she had, she dared to sculpt for the first time in her life, she dared to sing because is fun. She now knows that this is home, this is her path and that one day (soon enough) she will be leading workshops helping others find a beautiful life full of excitement and pride. Oh, yeah!

Benjamin Stevenson, born in Canada in 1985, spent a life of moving from place to place only seeing is father every few years without ever calling any place his home. With a sharp mind, great athletic prowess, studies in Philosophy and History, being very capable and good with his hands he nonetheless chose to make a very good living wandering around the country working in the railroads in the frozen north and spending everything he had on alcohol, drugs and partying. A great natural musician, at every party he could sing everybody else’s songs, but never had a song of his own to write and could never make a relationship really work. That is until he fell in love with the beautiful Brielle and stumbled upon TierraMitica. 

At last he found a home and a love in his heart and is now not only the maintenance of the whole of TierraMitica but also the music director at last fulfilling dreams real instead ephemeral dreams. His dreams now are no longer temporary fantasies of a drunk mind but real and beautiful dreams that are turned into reality every day. He is becoming the true backbone of TierraMitica and he is on his way to create great music with the help of the new sound recording studio inside the giant brain ‘La Mente’ and to fulfil his childhood dream of making a great band. Having a home feels all so good!

Brielle, born in 1990, is originally from Miami, Florida. At a young age, she began traveling the world and was fascinated by exploring new cultures, and connecting with people from all around the world.  She attended the University of Maryland, graduating with a bachelors in geographical sciences, focused on international development and conflict resolution.  The idea was to one day work for an international NGO, or the UN peacekeeping sector “saving the world”. However, before settling into a comfy career, or going back to graduate school, she choose to live and work in Southeast Asia for the year in 2013. While traveling through Bali, she met Ben. And began an unlikely romance that changed her life. So, after returning from Southeast Asia, Brielle and Ben embarked on an adventure through South America, falling in love, and searching for answers, when they found Tierramitica for the first time.

After years of conflict between the planned out, safe future she was expected to have, and the one she dreamt of in her heart, Brielle finally listened to her heart, and returned for her Mythic Voyage in May 2016. It was here that she found what she was truly looking for, a husband, a mythic life full of adventures, new people to love, and above all, the self-love she had been missing for sometime. Since then she has shed her insecurities and little girl fears and has blossomed into a powerful and proud jungle woman. She is the head of marketing for TierraMitica, excited by finding new and innovative ways to bring our important work to people all over the world. Since being here, she has also discovered her incredibly awesome talent for songwriting, and has become one of the most prolific songwriters at TierraMitica.  No longer settling for the backseat, she has recently began performing with guitar and has a bright future as a songwriter, musician and performer ahead of her! She is happier and more fulfilled then she could have ever imagined, finding her pride more and more each day, breaking through her fears and shedding her skin. Her dreams get bigger and bigger, along with her heart, and can only imagine what a future is in store for her and her mythic jungle family!

Niloufar Lohrasebi was born in Teheran, Iran in 1988. Her father being dissident to the regime, she was raised with the dream of going to the United States and eventually her family managed to turn this into a reality when she was 9 years old. There she found a dream world full of opportunities but her dream world was shattered by her mother’s clinical depression and the conflict between her parents. She grew up in guilt of her newfound paradise and despite being a spectacular natural performer and a natural songwriter she pursued a life of a waitress, permanently in some kind of depression. After having a Mythic Voyage in 2015 through the recommendation of friends, her life improved exponentially. She immediately dared to apply for a manager job and got it, and to her surprise she was super good at it. 

She started appreciating herself and about a year and a half later she decided to attend the first ever Mythic Voyage without the use of Ayahuasca in Revelstoke, Canada. She again was blown away by the work and she decided that what she really wanted was to be part of TierraMitica and pursue the effort of bringing this work to the world. She has since turned into a valuable member of the community, has become a superstar performer offering besides her support in every department, dance and performance classes and she is now amazingly contributing to the work in a very meaningful way. She is using her song writing skills in a project to use song as a deep healing tool and she is now contributing in healing people from her own personal demon that she shares with most people in the world, the demon of not being good enough. In this path she is finding her calling and her greatness and a place to call a true home.