Info & Tips

How to get here

Getting to us is pretty easy, given that we are situated in the Peruvian high jungle.

First catch a flight to Lima. There are many flights from various big cities in the US, Europe and South America. From Lima you fly to Tarapoto and we pick you up at the Tarapoto airport to take you to TierraMitica by 4×4.

Three airlines currently fly to Tarapoto from Lima, some of them also connecting with Iquitos, Pucallpa and Yurimaguas. The biggest and most punctual is Latam airlines, the second is StarPeru, which is usually cheaper, and the third is Peruvian airlines. Flights vary between 100 and 250 USD, are reliable and planes are modern and comfortable.

There are frequent buses through many companies with good service to Lima, Chiclayo, Trujillo, San Ignacio (at the border with Ecuador), Piura, Yurimaguas and TingoMaria. Prices vary from 15 USD to 35 USD depending on service and travel time (about 24 hours from Lima!).

What to bring

Tarapoto, although a little more temperate than other jungle areas due to the altitude, is still a tropical zone. During the day it can be quite hot and humid and depending on the rain, nights can be warm or quite cool.

We recommend bringing:

  • light fabric clothing, to be able to add and remove layers
  • Bathing suit for swimming
  • long pants and long sleeved shirts for walking in the forest and for ceremonies
  • a pair of closed in shoes
  • a light raincoat
  • a torch or an led headlight (very important)
  • insect repellent for walks in the jungle
  • Towel
  • A good book to read
  • A big enough quantity of cigarettes or tobacco if you are a smoker. This can be a difficult and emotional experience so if you smoke, come prepared. It is advisable to bring the quantity you will need for your whole stay.

We advise to bring some extra cash, either dollars or Peruvian Soles, since at the end of every retreat/workshop, our Shipibo Maestras hold an artesanias market and we also have an ongoing gallery of high quality prints of paintings by visionary artists, which are all for sale. The prices of the Shipibo handicrafts range from a few dollars for jewellery up to about a 100USD for big cloths. The price of the prints of the visionary art are between 50 and 300USD, depending on artist and size. We take no percentage on these sales whatsoever, everything goes directly to the Shipibo and the artists.

How to prepare

To begin with, it is important to start cleansing before you get to TierraMítica by altering your food habits. It is suggested you start a diet without salt, pepper, ginger, sugar or other sweets,  animal fats, red meat and pork, dairy products, aged and cured food and over ripe fruit (in effect, anything containing tyramine). Avoid alcohol and drugs including marijuana. This diet should be started 1 to 3 weeks before arrival, the longer the better. We suggest you start by reducing quantities and move gradually to a tighter regime. As an absolute minimum you should cleanse for at least 2-3 days before coming, at least to minimize purging and discomfort during ceremonies.

Any anti depressants, tranquilizers, sleeping pills are not only incompatible with the ingestion of medicine plants but can also be dangerous to your health, so should be stopped at least four weeks before arrival. You should inform us of any medication you are taking regularly and please also consult with your doctor if in doubt. You should not ingest medicine plants if you have a history of heart problems and/or hypertension. You should also inform us and consult with us if you are being treated or have been treated in the past for mental disorders. These do not mean you should not come, it just means we should be aware of them beforehand.

Pregnancy as well as nursing a baby is not compatible with Ayahuasca.

We suggest you avoid any inoculations or malaria pills. Malaria is practically nonexistent in Peru as well as yellow fever and any rare occurrence usually has to do with importation from another country. These treatments will make you ill for no reason and are incompatible with the ingestion of Ayahuasca.

The second and most important part of the preparation is to decide and meditate on your primary intention, the intention for which you are coming to the center. This is especially important if you will be attending a Mythic Voyage. A good method to decide on your initial and primary intention is to ask yourself: “If I had the opportunity to get one question answered fully, what would that question be that would most liberate me, empower me and allow me vision for my life?”

Avoid “Why?” questions which never really help or matter and use a “How?” question. For example not “why am I not able to….?”, rather “how will I be able to…?” Once you know the most important question you need answered, build your intention strongly around finding this answer making it the main reason for your voyage. If you find a more important question on the way, please do not hesitate to change, but be observant of any tendency to fluctuate and a lack of commitment for your intention.

Try to make no serious, binding commitments for your life in the time preceding your voyage because everything may change and it most probably will!