TierraMítica is situated 39 kms from the city of Tarapoto (www.tarapoto.com ), the district of San Martin, Peru, in the beautiful gorge of Fasaquihui. Although it is that close to Tarapoto, (a city with a population of 110,000 people offering modern hospitals, an airport with a minimum of six flights daily from Lima, all banking and official facilities and some really great restaurants), it offers beautiful unspoiled forest adjacent to a nature reserve. Tarapoto was chosen  instinctively but a variety of logical and inspirational reasons exist:

Tarapoto is connected both by land through a brand new road to Lima(for lower cost accessibility) and air (flight duration of about one hour operated by Lan , Star Peru and Peruvian Airlines) and offers all the facilities but none of the energy of a bigger town. It has a special kind of nature; it is jungle with hills, mountains, waterfalls, lakes and rivers with an enormous variety of sceneries and landscapes. It offers many places to visit while there are sports such as climbing, white water rafting, hiking as well as many other water sports. It offers exquisite food products with the whole jungle and a valley of agriculture providing fresh fruit, vegetables and fish. It is also considered the gastronomic center for typical jungle cuisine.


Tarapoto is situated at the edge of the Amazonian jungle, forming a connection between the majestic cordillera of the Andes and Amazonia, the lung of the Earth. It is Yin, the feminine energy of the jungle touching Yang, the masculine Apus, the wise grandfathers, the sacred high mountains of Peru. The Tarapoto area also has a large culture and tradition of medicine plants and there are serious healing centers in the area using medicinal plants and ancient practices in conjunction with a western scientific connection. Centers such as Takiwasi (www.takiwasi.com), a medical center by French doctors specializing in curing drug addicts and Hampichicuy (www.hampichicuy.com) , a center for healing diets run by a pair of medical psychologists. Both are situated in the Shiclayo River gorge, same as TierraMitica but there are more great centers in the general area such as Katari (www.kataricenter.com), a center for Dietas in the jungle with a deep knowledge of the healing properties of the wide variety of medicine plants of the jungle. Seeing the commercialization of Ayahuasca and shamanism lately, it is nice to support an area where there are more places than in other regions where work with respect is being carried out.

The Fasaquihui gorge is a spectacular, quiet, luscious vegetation area, full of electric blue morpho butterflies, singing birds, tiny monkeys and many more beautiful creatures. As soon as one enters, the feeling of amazing positive energy is evident inspiring an automatic smile. It has beautiful waterfalls forming natural pools and forest abundant with flora and fauna, a true paradise.

TierraMítica wishes to add to the beauty of the gorge with love, care and respect for the environment, soil, waters and all the inhabitants of this paradise. It wishes to offer a natural haven, an enchanted garden that is already there, enriched by the beauty of human creation.