Volunteering in our community

We are a flourishing community of 15 people from very different backgrounds, cultures and countries, who have chosen to live in TierraMitica permanently and embody the work that we offer, becoming every day more and more happy and empowered. We believe that if people want to cooperate and create beauty together, they can do truly great things, and we are the living proof of that. We engrave beliefs that actually support our happiness rather than go against it, in a practical way: we challenge ourselves to do things that make us proud, are all artists and, cooperating to making TierraMitica into Paradise.

Our ultimate goal is our happiness and this common intention guides how we live our lives, our research, how we work together and the way we build our ever growing community. Our volunteering program is open to anybody who shares our goal of happiness, is inspired by our work and wants to be a proud member of our community.

We are unique in many ways, one is that we are not seeking people with particular skills or experience, nor is your labor or efforts an ‘exchange’ for food and boarding. Volunteering at TierraMitica is for people who have happiness as their ultimate priority and is a place to harness your creativity, inspiration, and personal pride.

Volunteers at TierraMitica

The winning team at the Masterchef Competition, The Crispy Skins!

How do I become a volunteer?

To become a volunteer you must first successfully complete a Mythic Voyage (read all about the Mythic Voyage here) or a Choice OS workshop(read all about Choice OS here). This is the best way to get know who we are, the nature of our work and to understand our philosophy of happiness. After completing a Mythic Voyage or a Choice OS workshop, you will have more clarity on what you want in life and a more informed decision of whether life at TierraMitica is what you are truly looking for. If you do decide to stay as a volunteer, the final requirement is a unanimous vote by the community because we are not looking just for volunteers, but also for people to join our family. We can say no sometimes when we feel that staying here is not in the best interests for the person or for the community.

What is the life of a volunteer like?

Firstly, because we love art and we believe so strongly in the healing power of art, you will need to complete an art project for installation in our art labyrinth in your first month here. Art is big fun and, despite almost everyone coming here thinking they cannot do art, we are consistently blown away by the standard of art projects from our volunteers.

All volunteers as well as long term community members share in a variety of tasks to help sustain our beautiful jungle home and way of life. These tasks include cooking, cleaning and general upkeep of TierraMitica.

We are a unique place in that our volunteers are not expected to do anything other than their initial art project and sharing in the upkeep of our home & lifestyle. Anything else is taken purely on a voluntary basis as people feel more comfortable in the community and our everyday life.

Art Therapy

Nathan working on his Gorilla

How are responsibilities and other important jobs allocated?

There are a variety of roles and departments in TierraMitica that keep us running and creating more and more beauty and fun in our lives. Some examples range from being a guide or assistant guide, facilities/maintenance/construction management, marketing, administration/finance, and communications which are all undertaken by people who have expressed an interest in that particular area. All responsibilities are taken purely on a voluntary basis, with the intention of doing what makes people proud. We encourage all members of the community and all volunteers to gravitate toward responsibilities that will ultimately become a source of pride to them. The nature of responsibilities are also not predefined, volunteers and community members have the freedom to create their own projects and responsibilities, providing it is congruent with the happiness of the community.

Volunteer Ayahuasca center TierraMitica

Benji, Metsa and Brielle showing off their art pieces

Can I participate in Ayahuasca ceremonies during my volunteering?

Unlike other centres, here at TierraMitica we do not offer additional ceremonies to volunteers after they have finished the Mythic Voyage, except on very rare occasions. This is because after a Mythic Voyage or a Choice OS workshop, people have absolutely all the tools they need to create a life of inspiration and happiness, without needing Ayahuasca ceremonies.

If a volunteer wishes to train to assist during Ayahuasca ceremonies it is a process and will take longer than the three month volunteering period. Anyone can help and assist during the workshops and retreats in the hosting team however there is absolutely no obligation to do so – in fact it is considered a privilege to serve our guests. Volunteers can choose to first assist in workshops by joining the hosting team and only when they feel ready. Being surrounded by the energy of Ayahuasca can be very unsettling, so in order to build stability before being ready to assist on the ceremony floor, it is a requirement for volunteers to successfully lead a hosting team throughout an entire Mythic Voyage. Although hosting comprises of a variety of tasks including planning and budgeting, preparing meal plans, ordering supplies and taking care of the guests and accommodation, the true test is to maintain consciousness, stability and remain in great energy for the full duration of the Mythic Voyage.

How can I become a permanent member of the community?

The volunteering program is also a gateway for people that want to stay longer than the three month volunteering period or want to become permanent members of our community and family. After three months, people wanting to become permanent TierraMiticans can be voted in by the community. From there TierraMitica is your home and you can come and go anytime, without ever having to pay for staying again.

We do not want people to come here specifically for the volunteering program. If you want to come, then decide to come for the Mythic Voyage or the Choice OS workshop. During the workshop, people need to be open to listen and feel what their heart truly yearns for. This might be something entirely different than what you had in mind before coming. Therefore it is important to keep all options open, not to have a fixed idea of what you want to do after, but allow yourself to discover during the workshop.

Cost and other practical matters

To stay as a volunteer there is just one payment of $650USD (in addition to the Mythic Voyage fee or Choice OS workshop fee) and this covers the entire three month period. If you are voted in as a permanent community member after the three months, there will be nothing more for you to pay. To apply, just check the Tierra Program box on your registration form for the Mythic Voyage.

What does TierraMitica have to offer?

TierraMitica is situated on 74 hectares (or 185 acres) of beautiful rain forest. In addition to the amazing gifts of nature being a waterfall and natural swimming pool, natural spring drinking water running through our taps and the ability to live in a tranquil environment surrounded by nature, we also provide our community with the following.

  • Comfortable shared accommodation with soft beds
  • Western comforts such as hot showers and real toilets!
  • A spectacular art studio ‘Chocopelli’ equipped with materials and tools for paintings, sculpting, wood carving and wood work
  • Excellent home-made healthy food
  • A large common living and dining area, Casablanca, with our own huge screen jungle cinema
  • Acres of beautiful jungle to enjoy explore
  • A natural waterfall and swimming pool
  • And so much more and an endless flow of new cool stuff being realized all the time!
  • If you have any questions, just send them to contact@tierramitica.com and we will answer as soon as possible!

We want to grow our family, so volunteers who participate in Tierra Program & commit to spending an extended time here in the jungle can be voted into our community and eventually become TierraMiticans.

Collective visionary art

‘La Mama’, Collective visionary art created by volunteers and visitors at TierraMitica

If this is something you would like to experience, you can get in touch with us at contact@tierramitica.com or register for your Mythic Voyage or Choice OS workshop and apply to join the work exchange program in the registration form. Click here to register or find out the schedule.