Workshops & Ayahuasca Retreats

From holistic and fully transformational workshops, to personal growth retreats with 3 to 6 Ayahuasca ceremonies,  we offer you a selection of workshops, personal growth programs and retreats that are very different from each other, so it is important to make a choice based on what you are looking to acquire from the experience.

The Mythic Voyage is a highly intensive, holistic and fully transformational Ayahuasca workshop, that deals with absolutely every issue and question and guarantees results. It is for people who, irrespective of how good their lives have been up to now feel that must be more to life and who do not wish to live 20, 30, 40 years of the same, as well as people with lives full of suffering who are determined to change, no matter what. It is a cure for depression and helps resolve issues ranging from general dissatisfaction, lack of enthusiasm, inspiration, direction, focus, feeling, emotion, passion, to issues with anger, anxiety fear, bipolarity, denial, guilt, shame all the way to more extreme issues such as addictions, split or multiple personality disorder, chronic or manic depressions, schizophrenia and more. It absolutely guarantees results with the success of this guarantee determined by the participants themselves.

The Choice OS workshop is our new Self Programming Course for humans that is the continuation of the Mythic Voyage and offers the same guarantees, without the use of the Ayahuasca. This way people are empowered: not only do they know that they don’t need a crutch to be able to have vision, to feel, to make choices, but they also learn how to recreate this vibration by themselves in their lives. Without the Ayahuasca ceremonies, there is also more time to transmit more material, to go deeper into personal issues, to guide people through more dimensional doors and allow them to make more leaps toward their chosen direction. The workshop is dedicated to showing people how to become the architects of their own software, how to determine who they are, instead of being defined by their genetics, upbringing, religion, parents and social environment. A workshop about how to become totally free not only of our provenance but also our life experiences, our traumas and our previous choices; and opportunity to be able to reinvent ourselves with a clean slate and every possible choice, including the hereto unimaginable ones.

From January 27th till February 10th we will hold the second edition of the Advanced Choice workshop, for people who have successfully completed a Mythic Voyage or Choice OS Workshop within the year, to gain a deeper understanding of the subjects and modalities explored in the Mythic Voyages and Choice OS workshops, with further self development programs exploring aspects of our life experience and interaction with others and the universe around us.