Mythic Voyage November 2017

The Mythic Voyage

If you are at a point where you are no longer satisfied to live an ordinary life, however comfortable it may be
If you feel that you do not want the rest of your life to be similar to what you have already lived
If you wish to dive all the way into your subconscious, confronting your most painful old wounds
If you want to deal with all the fears and anxieties that keep you from connecting with your mythical self
If you feel restricted from living your life to your full potential
If you are looking for vision for your life,
then the Mythic Voyage into the soul is your next adventure.

The Mythic Voyage is the most heavy duty, deep, intensive, holistic transformational workshop in the world. A true perceptual and emotional roller coaster, and the only workshop of its kind in the world actually GUARANTEEING results, the success in fulfilling the guarantee judged by the participants themselves.

The Mythic Voyage is equally for people who, irrespective of how good their lives have been up to now feel that there must be more to life and who do not wish to live 20, 30, 40 years of the same as well as people with very miserable lives full of suffering who are determined to change, no matter what. It helps resolve issues ranging from general dissatisfaction, lack of enthusiasm, inspiration, direction, focus, feeling, emotion, passion, to issues with anger, anxiety, fear, depression, bipolarity, denial, guilt, shame all the way to more extreme issues such as addictions, split or multiple personality disorders, chronic or manic depressions, schizophrenia and more. Unlike other workshops, we reject nobody who has strong intention and determination to change and can stay off any drug, alcohol and any other mind altering substance for at least three weeks before the workshop. And our guarantee has never failed for any participant that has not quit and has completed the Voyage, everyone declaring that they received infinitely more than they had asked and hoped for, and much more than was guaranteed in the beginning, with a multitude of enthusiastic testimonials on the TierraMitica youtube channel and site.

The Mythic Voyage is a workshop, not a retreat. A retreat like the Embrace the Medicine retreats and other Ayahuasca retreats in reputable centers offer information and advice about how to handle the Ayahuasca experience, what to expect, safety instruction, a set number of ceremonies, sharing circles after ceremonies, flower and medicinal root baths by the shamanas and a beautiful, safe environment for people to process the insights they get from the experience. The Mythic Voyage offers all of the above, combined with the spectacular high jungle of Peru, free of mosquitoes due to the altitude, full of wonders, waterfalls and Blue Morpho butterflies, with gourmet Ayahuasca diet food prepared with love same as with our Embrace the Medicine retreats, but is focused on the end result rather than the ceremony experience: total transformation on every layer of human functionality and on every aspect of life for a beautiful, happy, inspired, creative life full of enthusiasm, ideas and love. It is called an holistic workshop because it deals with seven layers of human functionality: our emotional, physical, cognitive or intellectual, philosophical, energetic, sensory and symbolic bodies. Many times we have an insight and we decide a change in our philosophical, changing our perceptual point from which we view an issue, accompanied by changes in our cognitive and maybe even our emotional bodies, nonetheless we find ourselves unable to carry through our decisions, reverting to our comfort zone. Other times we have great insights, through a life experience, a workshop, a book, a discussion, meditation or ceremony and we are totally enthusiastic however shortly afterwards we find ourselves understanding the principles of our insight but unable to feel it as before. This happens because parts of us are not aligned and we end up fighting against the parts of our bodies which are not in agreement with other parts. In the Mythic Voyage we explore each issue on all seven layers of our functionality to achieve a common internal direction and true, long lasting change. During the Mythic Voyage, intuitive, simple enough for a five year old to understand answers to existential questions like what exactly is the soul, what is enlightenment, who are we as human beings, why do we all feel bad about ourselves, why the universe exists and for what purpose, what is the reason that humans exist and everything else are found that actually make sense.

In the Mythic Voyage the Ayahuasca ceremonies are not done for the experience but in order to find specific, practical answers to problems that make us suffer and blocks that stop us from living life to our full potential. We teach and guide people on how to effectively navigate and interpret the ceremony experience, diving deeper and deeper into our internal world, our subconscious, our belief systems that determine only who we are and how we perceive everything around us but also everything that we feel and think, our senses, our health as well as our memories. The number of ceremonies is not fixed but varies according to the flow of the workshop and can vary from as many as six to as few as two.

With twelve hours of group work daily, every useful technique and practice from the pool of human knowledge and civilization is used during the Mythic Voyage, from the shamanic to gestalt therapy, from the contemporary scientific to the ancient or indigenous aside from the ceremonies. We take a dive and explore deeply every single part of our human existence, the universe, the energy world and the deepest corners of our minds and hearts in an emotional and perceptual roller coaster that keeps people magnetized, focused and alert throughout despite the many hours of work and the enormous challenges it poses. In the process, every issue is resolved, everything makes sense again for the first time since we were children and we regain our direction, enthusiasm for life and the argonauts of the Mythic Voyage leave with inspiring plans for their lives as well as clear and practical guidelines and practices to transform their lives permanently.

The Mythic Voyage is conducted in a bubble of safety, care and love and offers an overkill of support and assistance with experienced guides and everything is included and taken care of for you from the moment you arrive in Tarapoto. It is the most heavy duty, intensive transformational workshop because people do quit when faced with realities that they are reluctant to confront, and it is controversial because it approaches everything from a new perceptual point. In order to achieve the spectacular results that we guarantee in only a few days requires a fast, deep, confrontational incision into our personal stories, and the techniques used ensure that nothing can be hidden. Using a novel approach, it is controversial, which is what makes it effective in healing issues in eleven days that psychotherapy, psychiatry and other, alternative or conventionally scientific methods do not even attempt to resolve. To learn exactly how the Mythic Voyage works, check out the video on our youtube channel below.

Program cost is 1,980 US dollars including accommodation, food and pick up from Tarapoto. Please note that the Mythic Voyage is done in groups of 17 people maximum, with full support.

Watch this video to find out exactly what the Mythic Voyage is and how it works or read here why the Mythic Voyage is the only truly effective transformational workshop in the world 

The 12 participants of the May 2017 Mythic Voyage wanted to share their thoughts and feelings about the workshop together in a group video review:

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We work with small groups, so availability is limited, find more information and register here or contact us for more information!