Ayahuasca intention

Intention and Ayahuasca Memories

Intention and Ayahuasca Memories

The psychotropic properties of DMT, the active ingredient in the Chacruna leaves that give Ayahuasca its hallucinogenic properties and the deep emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual journeys of discovery of our heart, the divine and the universe are well known and have been researched exhaustively, especially during the last few years and the expansion of its usage. Many books have been written, both from spiritual energetic perspectives and scientific research and analysis.

But Ayahuasca is not just any psychotropic, and that does not only refer to its many spiritual aspects as a divine jungle goddess, a wise but stern grandmother, a master plant teacher and much more. As an indigenous plant medicine or drug it is not just DMT and the enzymes necessary to assimilate it; The ayahuasca brew presents gifts and surprises that other psychotropics barely touch, and if so, randomly and haphazardly. Unrestricted, uncensored access to our memory banks is one of those gifts

There are four kinds of memories that we cannot access at will:

1. All memories of events or feelings that occured before our brains developed our archiving system; The age varies, but for most humans very few memories, if any survive before the age of five or six. Earlier memories are sporadic and exist mostly due to repetition and discussion by family or friends. We just do not possess a reliable filing and memory organization system to retain them, so they mostly go to a huge junk file.

2. All memories that we have taught and instructed ourselves to discard as junk; Things that are unimportant to us. Every waking moment, every second we are live recorders of everything. Video, sound, sensation, all are constantly recorded. On our daily 10 minute ride or walk we see and record every tree, every leaf, every face, absolutely everything yet retain the memory of a tiny percentage: that which calls our attention on the particular moment. Our minds constantly need to discard 99.9999% of information to ensure sufficient space available in our brains for processing.

3. All memories that we have actively hidden from ourselves due to trauma. Intense fear, emotional pain, guilt, shame, disgrace cause a decision to never revisit a memory again, and these are the kind of memories that psychiatrists, psychologists and psychoanalysts look for. Slowly, through years of counselling they try to create an atmosphere of trust to allow these memories to be coaxed out and processed, hopefully healing or ameliorating the trauma.

4. All genetic memory of life since the beginning of the universe. The memory that allows us and every creature to know how to breathe, how to function. And the memories of everything before that. All genetic material on earth is finite. None of it gets destroyed, none escapes beyond the atmosphere and infinitesimal amounts get in. Genetic material is just constantly metamorphosing into new forms of life, which constantly feeds on and process itself. The big eat the small and the small eat everyone. It is an almost statistical certainty that every single human being has hosted cells from Jesus Christ and from most forms of life on our planet. The huge pool of engraved memory already present in us allows us to develop skills already mastered, such as breathing, digesting and walking.

Ayahuasca has the gift to allow access to all of them. Imagine our memory banks as a giant football field. On this field, dunes and clouds of trillions of moving yellow Post It papers; Some of them hidden under mountains of other nondescript Post Its, many of them randomly positioned and others intricately disguised. When we take an Ayahuasca ceremony, we fly through this football field in every direction and little sticky papers of memories attach themselves to us; Some of them stay for a while and then float off to be replaced by others. Some stay throughout and allow relevant papers to stick as well, some are too heavy to carry and discarded, some manage to stick no matter what. Whatever is left is the actual true impact of the ceremony. Sometimes we experience the Big Bang, life through the body of a worm, a jaguar, a rock or a blade of grass. Sometimes what sticks is the memory of a loving moment when we say that we were never loved; Sometimes a memory of another life, of childhood events, of feelings, sometimes the memory of a discussion with God, the divine, sometimes an amazing insight.

Working the ceremony with a specific, focused intention can make the Ayahuasca ceremony a fully navigable experience.
A tight, focused intention in the form of a mantra that is constantly repeated is like an automatic system to collect mostly relevant information and to use the magical qualities of the Ayahuasca to actually explore things consciously.
To pose masculine restraints, firm river banks for the feminine water of memory, insight and healing to flow freely within us and to achieve actual lasting, transformational insights. Actively guiding the experience to avoid endless trippy distractions and to ask from the grandmother answers to specific issues is like turbocharging the ceremony, especially if the intention is kept religiously throughout the ceremony. Huge answers and insights usually only come to those who persist and show their intention to get to the bottom of whatever they are seeking.