Work exchange programs

Over the last few months, everything has changed in our perception of volunteers. Now, volunteers are our family and an integral part of the community that we are building here at TierraMitica. We now understand that our community is as important as the healing center. Volunteers now have to fulfill four criteria : To have undertaken a Mythic Voyage so that they are healed and free of a big part of their past, their wounds and dark energies, to have as their primary intention and a full priority their happiness, to be willing to put full energy into learning Spanish and to be accepted unanimously by every member of the community. They do not need to have any special skills, attitude and the wish to live in Art and Love whatever they are doing are the qualities that make a volunteer here a part of our community. Volunteers here care more for creation and art than what they can get out of it and we will be adding members to the community, for 3 months, a year or a lifetime as the right people appear.

To make things as clear as possible, someone wishing to participate as a volunteer must register (and pay for) a Mythic Voyage and after the Mythic Voyage, if they so wish (by then they will know everything about us, the work we do, who we are, how we wish to live and how we think and feel, and we will know everything about them), they may apply immediately to the community and if they receive a unanimous agreement, they become members of the community and may start their 3 months at once or at the date they choose after settling their affairs, for example. The rule to undertake a Mythic Voyage is absolute, we do not charge volunteers anything during their stay, but intention must be shown by taking a Mythic Voyage and pay for it, mainly because we have no other way of choosing responsibly the people that we share our lives and work with, and of course we cannot give free Mythic Voyages to the hundreds who apply.

As members of the community, everything is equally available to them, including ceremonies, workshops, dietas and all the facilities. As members they will have to agree for any other new member to join.

Work exchange programs are for those who wish to spend extended periods of time at TierraMItica and participate in various retreats and programs. Volunteers in a work exchange program are required to commit to at least a 3 month stay. This is so that they can adapt to TierraMítica , be useful, feel the energy and take advantage of all that is offered.

Volunteers will be provided with accommodation and full 3 meals a day alimentation same as other guests that are not on a program requiring dieting or fasting.

They will be asked to help on the grounds, in our permaculture and botanical garden projects, in maintenance, kitchen and general duties to aid the smooth running of the center. They will also have the opportunity to choose a project that inspires them, take full responsibility and execute it using people and resources of Tierra Mitica, if the community agrees it is something beautiful, interesting or/and useful. They will also be asked to help according to their talents and capabilities in various capacities:

  • Teachers of Yoga, TaiChi, QuiGong etc.
  • Massages, healing sessions, Thai massage and other body work practitioners.
  • Carpentry, painting, decorating, repairing etc.
  • Artists, musicians, gourmet cooks etc.


We have lots and lots of beautiful work to do! We are constructing and forming the center and every type of capability is needed. This is an amazing opportunity to be part of the creation of a mythical paradise, a haven of love, working spiritually and physically with the land and the sacred medicinal plants of the rainforest as well as building relationships and learning from the healers at TierraMítica . Come and participate in the vision and the creation of the best we can collectively imagine and dream.

Volunteering also gives you the opportunity to take time off your regular life and other projects and think what it truly is you want to do with your life. No better place than TierraMítica , a place especially designed to offer new vision.

We need people who are not picky and who actually enjoy working and creating, people with open minds and open hearts.


Please contact us by emailing us through the contact page.