Announcing our new work exchange program!

To everyone who wants to be a part of our TierraMitica, we are happy to announce our new work exchange program. In the past it was crucial for people to do a Mythic Voyage before joining the community to understand our philosophy, the work we do, who we are and how we wish to live, think and feel here in the jungle. Now, for the first time we have decided to open our doors during a celebration week in January to meet more like minded people and welcome them into our home. Our work exchange program is for people who want to spend extended periods of time at TierraMitica and immerse themselves in our way of life and the work we do. Volunteers are required to commit to a stay of at least 3 months, to adapt to Tierramitica, be useful, feel the energy and take advantage of all that is on offer.

We will be taking new volunteers throughout the year & if you wish to join our program then all you have to do is get in touch! The next opening for our work exchange program will be after the February Magic Journey. If you would like to come & be a part of TierrraMitica all you have to do is register and attend The Magic Journey in February 28th until the 11th of March. This will be a great introduction & we will get to know each other & see how the energies flow.

All volunteers have the chance to earn themselves a workshop, a Magic Journey or Mythic Voyage, depending on the length of their stay. We are incredibly proud of the work we do here with Ayahuasca and our Shipibo Shamans and there will be opportunities to assist our experienced guides during ceremonies and other possibilities of assisting during TierraMitica workshops, depending on skills and interests.



Our volunteers work for 6 days a week, from Monday through Saturday. Sunday is a day of rest for everybody at TierraMitica.

Every working day, volunteers spend 5 hours contributing to TierraMitica, doing everyday chores like cooking and dishwashing, or helping with construction, promotion, decorating, painting, woodwork, gardening, communication, organisation, according to their skill and interests.

We firmly believe in the therapeutic value of art, so for two hours every day, volunteers spend time on their personal art projects.

Shamanic teachings and practices will also be offered regularly, and we love enthusiasm and inspiration, so we are very much open to new ideas to make our lives here at TierrMitica better, just present them on the table!

A typical day at TierraMitica thus includes, but is not restricted to:

  • 5 hours of contribution to TierraMitica
  • 2 hours a day creating compulsory art project
  • 1 hour a day of Shamanic teaching or practice

1 month of volunteering costs $650, a fee that covers all food, transfers, accommodation and costs of living. Volunteering at TierraMitica is based on a credit system to earn free workshops, whether it be a Magic Journey or a Mythic Voyage. The longer you stay, the more credit you gain to spend on workshops.

People may top up their credit financially if they wish to participate in an earlier workshop of their choosing.


The payment system works as follows:

A stay of 1,5 months earns a 6 day Magic Journey (including 3 ceremonies), with a value of $650

3 months earns a 12 day Magic Journey (including 6 ceremonies), with a value of $1300

Volunteers who stay 4 or more months earn a Mythic Voyage, a life changing experience, with a value of $1930

We want to grow our family, so volunteers who commit to spend an extended time here in the jungle can be voted into our community and become TierraMiticans, after completing a Mythic Voyage. Any TierraMitican who stays on for 2 years has the opportunity to become permanent, which means getting a share in the profits of Tierramitica and the right to a small house here in our beautiful land.

The volunteer positions here are for people wanting to come and contribute to TierraMitica and to go deeper and explore more than they could imagine really exists. We are creating a mythical paradise, working spiritually and physically with the land and the sacred medicinal plants of the rainforest as well as building relationships and learning from the healers here in TierraMitica. This is a place especially designed to offer new vision. We need people who are not picky and actually enjoy working whilst learning and creating. People with open minds and open hearts.

If you have any questions or want to come and be a part of something special you can email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . OR.... You can register for the February Magic Journey & mention your intention to stay on as a volunteer.

Check this out to see what we are all about!

We are looking forward to meeting you!