TierraMitica Work Exchange Program

Our work exchange program is for people who want to spend extended periods of time at TierraMitica and immerse themselves in our way of life and the work we do. Volunteers are required to commit to a stay of at least 3 months, to adapt to Tierramitica, be useful, feel the energy and take advantage of all that is on offer.

Coming to TierraMitica  is an opportunity for people to go deeper and explore more than they could imagine really exists. Shamanism, Ayahuasca & healing are a part of our life here & there are many things for you to learn if you so choose. We are creating a mythical paradise, working spiritually and physically with the land and the sacred medicinal plants of the rainforest, as well as building relationships and learning from the healers here. This is a place especially designed to offer new vision. We need people who enjoy working whilst learning and creating. People with open minds and open hearts. This 3 month work exchange program is for people wanting to contribute & help TierraMitica by assisting retreat staff during the Ayahuasca workshops & who want to be a part of our growing community & family.

The 3 month Work Exchange Program is $650 US Dollars, per month. This fee includes a 6 Day Magic Journey Ayahuasca Retreat fully guided by TierraMitica including Ceremonies with the Shipibo & after the first month, payment can be put towards another workshop of your choosing. Designed like a point system for example, the money you pay for volunteering can be put towards a Mythic Voyage if you wish to stay longer & join the community or perhaps another Magic Journey to build on your previous retreat & go deeper. The initial 6 day retreat will be at the beginning of the work exchange. This is the best way for us all to get to know one another & decide if you will be a good fit for our community & the work we do here. Over the three month period you will be exposed to many interesting Shamanic practices, life philosophies & new concepts that will reveal many things within yourself plus the opportunity to learn from Ayahuasca ceremonies.

What else is included in your volunteering fee:

  • Transfers to & from Tarapoto or the Airport
  • Accommodation with soft beds, hot showers & real toilets!
  • Learn about Shamanism, Ayahuasca & healing
  • All meals & beverages
  • Wi-fi access
  • Acres of beautiful jungle to roam & explore
  • The opportunity to take a break from the ordinary hustle & bustle, time to reflect, rest & look deep within yourself.
  • Meet amazing new people every month plus the bonus of living with The TierraMiticans, our human family & the love that comes with being a part of a growing community.
  • A cinema in the jungle!
  • A natural waterfall & swimming pool
  • Full access to our art studio “Chocopelli” & creative licence to make things more & more beautiful.
  • 6 day Magic Journey Ayahuasca retreat.

You will be helping us fill important roles of support for our Ayahuasca Workshops.

We are open to considering other applications from people with proven experience working in Permaculture, Gardening, Building & Construction, however our primary focus is to fill the support roles for our retreat staff, meaning anyone who appreciates a little hard work & wants to give, learn & grow in our centre. You will be helping people with a truly transformational & life changing experience which is amazing to watch & so rewarding to be a part of.

For alternative Healing Practitioners, yoga instructors or people qualified in other desirable fields the potential exists for you to share your skills during retreats if you so wish & depending on your qualifications.

Life is laid back during the downtime between workshops where there is time to take care of yourself, ponder, learn, heal, enjoy the jungle, do art, create & be inspired during this time. Good books are always a welcome addition if you have some to bring and of course there is always something to do here as mentioned, we are building a jungle paradise & any contribution is available if you so wish. We are open to suggestions!

We want to grow our family, so volunteers who commit to spend an extended time here in the jungle can be voted into our community and become TierraMiticans, after completing a Mythic Voyage. Any TierraMitican who stays on for 2 years has the opportunity to become permanent member of our family here & we would love to have you (:

All options are available! If this is something you would like to experience, you can get in touch with us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . You can find some pictures of our amazing paradise home here on our FB Page.

You can find our 2015 schedule here on our site…..  A deposit of one months full payment  is due in advance before your arrival to TierraMitica & then at the start of every month.